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I'm an Emmy-Award winning producer and creator. I pay taxes in LA. I live on the internet.

The planner, the solver, the imagineer, the hands in the mud, “it’s all going to be ok” type of person.

As of 2023, I've produced content of every flavor, but it all started with that first job in Hollywood as a reality TV production assistant on a competition-based taxidermy show...

Now I work in virtual production, augmented reality, virtual reality, real-time motion capture, animation, volumetric video, and 5G immersive live events.

Say hi! Twitter for a thought. LinkedIn for good old-fashioned networking.

The Professional Me (Resume)


The side projects —

  1. Drax Daren: A traveling space photographer snapping photos across the galaxy. Photography/story series using ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion. Instagram
  2. Unreal Engine courses: Virtual production, visual development, real-time cinematics, etc.
  3. Executive producing a virtual and motion capture production that's due to be completed in early 2022. Very cool stuff, and I can't wait to share more.

How I spend my time:

Podcasts, TV, Movies, News. I'm big on content.

  • Reading and writing screenplays. I have a tenuous relationship with Final Draft, but I love Highland 2.
  • Coding sites with Notion & Super.
  • Did I say I love podcasts? My favorites are: Armchair Expert, Making Sense, Reply All, and narrative ones like S-Town and Homecoming.
  • Internet sifting. Yes, the staples like Reddit, but also Deadline, The New Yorker, Wired, and NY Times.
  • Netflix, HBO, Apple TV+ and dusty old DVD's. I have a soft spot for the extended edition Lord Of The Rings. It's my New Years Day tradition.
  • VIDEO GAMES: Recently Tears of the Kingdrom, Muck, Valheim, Apex, RD2, Jedi: Fallen Order, N64 Smash Bros (I'm a Fox fan). VR games too like Superhot and Half-Life: Alyx.



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