It’s only a small sample of my creative director & producer work and some of the coolest content I've done over the last few years!


👉 Virtual production & Unreal Engine

👉 All the “R”s: AR, VR, XR

👉 Bidding AICP and innovation content

Creative Treatments & Decks

A collection of client presentation materials, treatments, and mockups.


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Portfolio - Project list

NFL AR - Super Bowl Show the linked in video

Star Wars - Episode 9 premiere after party activation Verizon - 5G Star Wars Experience | Facebook

UN Global Climate Summit - projection mapping Upload BTS and morning project

Verizon San Francisco

New Fronts 2019 Try and find the video of the tunnel

Young Lions - Bronze Telly Young Lions on Vimeo

Messy Truth w/ Brie Larson coming soon

Earth Song w/ Lil Dicky

Huffington Post Pride LED wall & Mette Towley

Sports Ink w/ Dennis Rodman and Yahoo Sports

5G CES Demo w/ Kyle Kuzma

Verizon x Capitol Records Volcap w/ JAMES DAVIS Young Lions on Vimeo

Super Bowl w/ Jets Private Video on Vimeo


2020 delivery Messy Truth NFL AR

2019 delivery Star Wars Verizon Real Estate (can’t show) United Nations Global Action Climate Summit P&G x 2 projets Stonewall Inn AR > Won Infinity Film Festival Narrative Award LA Pride w/ Mette Towley Earth Song website Sports Ink w/ Dennis Rodman CES

2018 delivery Robben Island Immersive Verizon x Capitol Records VolCap w/ JAMES DAVIS Young Lions New Fronts 2018 - 4 sizzles Verizon Alley x 2 projects Verizon NBA documentary OATH 360 APP Yahoo Mail OOO

2017 Super Bowl Blackout w/ Ericsson and Verizon Verizon AgTech NRDC Verizon San Francisco Jeep Compass VR Hills Pet Food TT Foundation AFI x 3 Clorox United Airlines

2011 - 2015

General Mills’ Tiny Toast (Commercial, Pet Gorilla, Apr/June 2015) Credit Karma (Commercial, More Media, Apr 2015) Tom Gore Vineyards (Promo, A Common Thread, Apr 2015) Nick Jonas’ Chainsaw (Music Video, More Media, Feb/Mar 2015) Nissan (Commercial, Nissan, Jan/Feb 2015) Nike (Commercial, Whitelist Content, Dec 2015) NASCAR (Commercial, More Media/NAPA Auto Parts, Nov/Dec 2015) City of Hope’s Our Fight (Hospital Promo, A Common Thread, Nov 2015) Honda’s Prepare for the Stare (Commercial, More Media, Oct 2015) Global Citizen (Concert Promo, More Media, Sept 2015) Fallen Idols (Short film series, Dot&Cross, July/Aug 2015) Hefty Garbage (Commercial, Caviar, June/July 2015) Trainwreck (Feature film promo, Comedy Central/Universal, May/June 2015) Jacklinks Jerky (Commercial, Comedy Central, Apr/May 2015) Kidz Bop (Commercial, Hasbro, March/April 2015) Sycuan Casino (Commercial, Sycuan Casino, Mar 2015) Perception (Commercial, Johnson & Johnson, Feb 2015) Anti-Smoking PSA (Commercial, More Media/State of Wyoming, May 2014) The Neighbors w/ Seth Rogan and Zac Efron (Feature Promo, Comedy Central, Mar 2014) House Haunters w/ Marlon Wayans (Feature Promo, Comedy Central, Mar 2014) C.O.R.E. “Strengths” (Industrial, More Media, Feb 2014) Horseplayers Season 1 (TV, Esquire Network, Mar 2013 – Feb 2014) Hangar 1 Season 1 (TV, History Channel, Sept - Oct 2013) Immortalized Season 1 (TV, AMC, Aug 2012 – Jan 2013) Sony Bravia (Commercial, Sony, May 2012) So You Think You Can Dance (Commercial, Fox/Stun Creative, Mar – Apr 2012) NBC Rock (Superbowl Commercial, NBC, Jan 2012) Prophets of Science Fiction w/ Ridley Scott (TV, RSA, Aug 2011 – Jan 2012)