Hey, I'm Eric Day.

Creative Director. Producer. Writer.

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Hey! I'm Eric Day.

Creative Director. Producer. Writer.

Let’s work together.

I’m an Emmy Award-winning creative working at the intersection of interactive technology and storytelling with proven expertise leading R&D content teams building innovative experiences. I like to say that I can do it all when there are opportunities to learn, but if you said “Eric, I want your top 10 things”, here’s the pitch:

A.I. & LLM Content

Decks & Creative Treatments

Creative Development

Client Presentation

Visual Identity


All the “R”s: AR, VR, XR

Virtual Production, Unreal Engine, Mocap

Immersive Activations

Scoping, Budgeting, Bidding, Scheduling

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Current Project: Star Wars + Stable Diffusion

Great content. Good story. Sign me up for “What if we try this?”

I’m all about the storytelling. Formerly, I was a senior creative producer at Meta working with kick-ass artists, designers, and technologists launching the coolest projects on the market. I’ve worked on dozens and dozens of projects including:

  • 3 winning hackathons and filing a patent during my brief tenure at Meta
  • Unreal Engine virtual production, motion capture, and working with the Ncam Reality system
  • Commercials and promos (and a brief stint in reality TV)
  • Narrative-driven AR, VR, and XR for web & mobile
  • VR video games and interactive experiences for the Vive and Oculus
  • Verizon 5G-powered immersive activations like Star Wars 5G Sith Trooper at the “Rise of Skywalker” Hollywood premiere
  • Narrative design and creative direction on an indie video games


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