Art of Rodarte

Art of Rodarte

Art of Rodarte

Client: Rodarte & IMG

February 11, 2022

New York, NY

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The What

“The Art of Rodarte” was a Spring 2022 NYFW pop-up event that honored Rodarte’s influence in film over the decade. The “Black Swan” experience breathed life into the original sketches that Rodarte founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy created for the award-winning film.

Yahoo, IMG’s Innovation Partner for NYFW, brought the animations to life with talented artists and utilized projection mapping and the Depthkit to create interactive content.


The Mission

Our goal was museum-quality capture and projection in a beautiful showcase display. Capture the spirit, but transform the content into something striking and immersive. Sure we could’ve drawn over them to create a simple, elegant cross dissolve, black on white. But we wanted to craft a visual narrative using the sketches as inspiration.

The Content & Activation

The Rodarte sketches were aging, more than a decade old, and hard to obtain. To create the immersive activation celebrating the artistry while using narrative and technologies to refresh the “Black Swan” experience.

Working with a talented animation house, the sketches served as a backdrop for keyframes. The ballerina swooshed across the walls while feathers slowly protruded from her costume and skin, and wings sprouted from her shoulder blades as she slowly transformed into the Black Swan.

Feathers fell around her as she danced, collecting on the floor, and then using projection mapping and the DepthKit, the swan feathers rustled away from the attendees' feet as they walked through the exhibit creating a pathway across the room.



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