The Viking Resource Calculator

As we explored (and died) in the biomes of Valheim, we quickly realized we needed an easy way to track what we planned to build, and how many resources we'd have to cart or sail across the world to make new bases, sets of armor, weapons, foods, and tools.

This tool was made in Google Sheets, and upon purchase, you'll be sent a link to make a copy of the sheet.

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PLEASE READ!! -- This sheet is NOT for you if you're new to Valheim and care about spoilers! If not, read on Viking!

If you don't want to read, watch this overview!

In the Viking Resource Calculator you'll get...

Instructions (Sheet 1)

Sheet 1 is a detailed breakdown of how to use our tool. Abbreviated instructions are on each page.


Shopping List & Smart Tools

Sheet 2 is what you'll use the most. It has a series of summaries and Smart Tools to help you track the items you're making, the resources you'll need to hunt down, quick item look-ups, and more!

Check out the Smart Tools here! šŸ‘ˆ

Item Selector

Sheet 3 is where you select items for your Shopping List. Craftables that require a crafted item component like ingots or meads (notated * below the Resource Name ) will be converted to base ingredients (e.g. ores, nails, mead bases, etc.).

Expanded Item Selector
Expanded Item Selector

How it works:

  • Collapsible sections and columns for easy navigation
  • Item Selection: Check a box to select an item and its quantity
  • Input existing resources: If you have existing resources in your inventor or chests, the resource calculator can automatically determine the remaining difference.
Collapsed Item Selector
Collapsed Item Selector


DO NOT TYPE ITEMS OR RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS INTO THIS PAGE! You'll break all of the fancy formulas in the columns and different sections.

The entire spreadsheet leverages array formulas, queries, and filters sourced from hidden worksheets. If an item needs to be added, DO NOT add it to the Item Selector sheet. Send us an email at for an update.